Mexican Pink

Many people mistakenly think our founder's name was Rosa and that the restaurants should therefore be called Rosa Mexicana, with a feminine -a at the end rather than a masculine o, since in Spanish an adjective has the same gender as the noun it modifies. But rosa mexicano is the name of a color, and in Spanish all colors are masculine. Mexican pink is an exciting combination of blue, red, and white. It is different from other pinks and very difficult to achieve outside of the particular luminosity of Mexico. 

One day while on her way to visit a textile mill in Toluca, which lies to the southwest of Mexico City, our founder Josefina Howard saw a little village in the distance painted entirely pink. It had just rained and the village was a glowing splash of pink against the surrounding green; the whole landscape was profoundly Mexican. It was this moment that inspired Josefina to someday start her own business called Rosa Mexicano.

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