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Agave Blog

Raicilla & Sotol

  • Ever heard of Raicilla? Rosa Mexicano’s Beverage Director, Courtenay Greenleaf joins Heritage Radio Network's cocktail show The Speakeasy to discuss the nuances of this relatively unknown Mexican spirit that is popping up in bars and restaurants across the country. Courtenay also talks about the growing trend of enjoying Agave spirits neat and Masa Y Agave’s Agave Bible! 


  • Wall Street Journal writer Writer Charles Passy declares that "Sotol will become the new mescal" in Food for the Future: Trends of 2016! Distilled from a cousin of the Agave, Sotol is made from a succulent called Dasylirion Wheeleri and takes approximately 15 years to mature. One plant yields only one bottle of Sotol.