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Our Master Mezcalier

Courtenay Greenleaf, Rosa Mexicano Beverage Director

Courtenay Greenleaf is the corporate Beverage Director for the Rosa Mexicano restaurant group, and the force behind our latest venture, Masa y Agave, the subterranean cocktail bar beneath our newest restaurant in Tribeca. A First Level Certified Mezcalier who made a name for herself as the “Tequila Librarian” at Richard Sandoval’s La Biblioteca, Greenleaf curated Masa y Agave's 400 bottle collection of Agave-based spirits, the largest in NYC, using her travel experience and expertise on the topic to stock unique, notable bottles of Tequila, Mezcal, Sotol, Raicilla and more.   

A former ballerina from the shores of New England, Greenleaf declined an audition for the Royal Danish Ballet, choosing instead to follow a different path. After four years of honing her mixology skills at Zengo in Denver, Colorado, Greenleaf began bartending at Lola, where she started exploring the world of tequila, with more than 150 bottles at her disposal. During this time, Greenleaf began taking trips to the agave regions of Jalisco, Mexico, spending time with Mexico’s distilling families and learning about the particulars of different agaves, terrains and aging processes. In 2010, Greenleaf moved to New York City to open La Biblioteca at the newest Zengo restaurant, where she was named its “Tequila Librarian.” She then helped open Stephen Starr’s El Vez before joining the Rosa Mexicano team.