• Are your products all natural?
  • Yes, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in all of our products. We do not use any preservatives or additives in our line.

  • Are your products kosher?
  • Our corn tortilla chips are kosher. However, the rest of our products are not. 

  • Where are your products sold?
  • Rosa Mexicano products are sold at any of our restaurants, on our website and at select retail stores. Click here to view a list of Rosa Mexicano Kitchen retailers near you. 

  • Can you buy your products in the restaurants?
  • You can visit any of our restaurants to purchase our salsas, chips, cookbook and gift cards at anytime. 

  • How long are the products good?
  • If unopened, our salsas are good for one year. Once opened, products are good for about seven days as long as they are refrigerated. Our chips have an easy-to-read expiration date printed on the front. Once opened they should stay fresh for about one week. Our soups also have an easy-to-read expiration date printed on the front and should last about one week if refrigerated.

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